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Point Prevalence of Hospital Acquired Infection in Vietnamese Intensive Care Units

Since October 2012 all 16 hospitals in the VINARES network have started conducting monthly point prevalence surveys (PPS) for hospital acquired infection (HAI). By the time of our meeting this amounted to 62 surveys and covering a total of 1,871 patients – an impressive beginning.

A data quality improvement intervention was introduced in April with the aim of cleaning data as it was accumulated. This has resulted in more complete data and some improvement in the error rate.

Excluding the missing data, which was substantial, the primary source of ICU patients was from the community (505/1275, 39.6%;596 missing) and the most common cause for ICU admission was infection (583/1256, 46.4%; 615 missing).

Overall 481/1871 (26%) patients had hospital acquired infection at the time of the study and this figure was similar in adults (382/1439, 27%) and children (101/426, 24%, p=0.257).

The most common type of HAI was pneumonia (375/512, 73.2% of infection episodes) followed by skin and soft tissue infection and blood stream infections (28/512, 5.5% each).

The challenges identified at the meeting involved ensuring that the data was of high quality. Progress has been made on addressing the missing data and errors in the documentation of baseline data and bacterial resistance. These areas will require ongoing attention from all participants if the true potential of the project is to be realized.

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Fig. Primary cause for ICU admission in VINARES PPS

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